Benediction and protection scapular

The praises of the Prince mingled with those benediction and protection scapular the Norman beauty; and as a lion, said the poet, can only be led by the hand of a chaste and beautiful maiden, so a chief can only acknowledge the empire of the most virtuous, the most lovely of her sex. Who asks of the noonday sun, in what quarter of the world he was born. and who shall ask of such charms as hers, to what country they owe their birth. Enthusiasts in pleasure as in war, and possessed of imaginations which answered readily to the summons of their poets, the Welsh chiefs and leaders united in acclamations of applause; and the song of the bard went farther to render popular the intended benediction and protection scapular of the Prince, than had all the graver arguments of his priestly precursor in the same topic. Gwenwyn himself, benediction and protection scapular a transport of delight, tore off the golden bracelets which he wore, to bestow them upon a bard whose song had produced an effect so desirable; and said, as he looked at the silent and sullen Cadwallon, The silent harp was never strung with golden wires. Prince, answered the bard, whose pride was at least equal to that of Gwenwyn himself, you pervert the proverb of Taliessin-it is the flattering harp which never lacked golden strings. Gwenwyn, turning sternly towards him, was about to make an angry answer, when the sudden appearance of Jorworth, the messenger whom he had despatched to Raymond Berenger, arrested benediction and protection scapular purpose. This rude envoy entered the hall bare-legged, excepting the sandals of goat-skin which he wore, and having on his shoulder a cloak of the same, and a short javelin in his hand.
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